History of Zen-therapy™

Claus Dalton Rosenkilde
Founder Zen-therapy™, Zen-therapy™ Institute
Claus has, among other things, a degree in Experience-Oriented Psychotherapy from the Institute of Psychotherapy. The education includes, among other things, methods from Client-centred Psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy, Experience-oriented Family Therapy and Existential Therapy. As well as several courses, etc.

2006 Zentherapy (Zenterapi in Danish) book is out . . .
​2009 Mindfulnesstherapy™ 
2009 Master of Mindful Motivation - MMMot® is born
2013 Master of Mindful Motivation - MMMot® is closed becuse of crises in the world
2023 Zen-therapy™ Institute is createt
2023 Master of Mindful Motivation - MMMot® is born again as Online Service
2023 Mindfulnesstherapy™ stresscoach / samtaleterapeut